Reply To: Gameplan to work on blushing issue

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You discover subconscious beliefs when the thoughts come to your conscious mind and they will, especially when you challenge them.

    First of all, address the emotions by imagining that you are about to blush in front of a group or crowd of people; how does that feel to face that possibility?  If it's unpleasant, CT that until you feel more neutral.

    Now, if you are not aware of any negative beliefs, perhaps there aren't any strong ones so if you are not aware of any thoughts that occur when you imagine that happening, the proceed with PSTEC Positive and “describe” how you wish to feel and act and use PP for those new suggestions.  When you do this, be aware of any thoughts that occur during and after the PP track… any thoughts that are contrary to thinking and acting in the way you desire… in the way you expressed with your PP statement(s).

    Tim has designed the various tracks to bring these new emotions, beliefs and behaviors (changing the mind model) to the subconscious and if something is not acceptable to the current mind model and they have not been addressed and must be, then the sub will make you aware of it.  You don't always discover it immediately and linearly, but if you persist, you will discover the negative beliefs and then you can target your PSTEC Tools effectively.