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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for posting.

    I could write a lot about beliefs and probably will do soon, but I will keep it brief(ish). That's because it's a broad subject and entire courses have been run and books written just about beliefs.

    Before we encounter self-help, most of us are generally unaware of beliefs and how they affect us. We are generally just aware of our emotions, problems and behaviours. However, beliefs influence behaviour and emotions, and vice versa.

    Beliefs, by general definition, are the interpretation/meaning we give to a series of events.

    If every time we encountered a dog, we were bitten, we might conclude “dogs are dangerous.” It is our truth – based on our experience.

    We can hold beliefs with which we intellectually disagree. Just because we disagrer with something does not mean we do not hold it.

    To test out whether you have a belief, you might consider some of the core negative self-esteem beliefs that people might hold.

    Things like “There's something wrong with me”, “I'm not good enough”, “I'm not worthy.”

    These are quite generic beliefs, usually formed in early childhood. Try saying each of those statements out loud.

    Do they FEEL true on any level? If so, there may be an emotional discomfort when saying these beliefs.

    If yes, then you will most likely hold them.  And then it will help you tremendously to eliminate them.

    Do you have PSTEC Negative? I could write more about this, but don't wish to bombard you.

    Another way to “access” beliefs is to try and detach yourself from the experience. Think of it as though you were speaking/thinking about a character in a book or movie. This will assist you in being able to look at your experiences more subjectively.

    Which beliefs do you think someone who feels uncomfortable with being the centre of attention might hold? How about someone who fears blushing?

    Just shooting here, but do beliefs such as “It's dangerous for people to focus their attention on me,” or “If I blush, people will reject me” resonate with you? Not intellectually, but when you SAY those statements…is there a sense you might hold them on some level?

    Please let me know how you get on with this.


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