Reply To: Gameplan to work on blushing issue


    “People who blush are…weak

    “If I blush in front of people, people will… Look down on me

    “It's dangerous for people to focus their attention on me” (dangerous rings more true than scary)

    -It feels plenty dangerous but it is proportional to the number of people, and the nature of the focus.

    I've read other people dealing with this that couldn't go to job interviews but I have no problem with that because it's just me and 1-2 more people there. All attention is on me in that situation and it doesn't bother me.

    One exception is being caught off guard, meeting someone I know where I did not expect it, or getting an unexpected question. It's so odd sometimes what triggers it.

    Ok I was about to delete this and start over, but reading through it, it looks pretty obvious that all the triggers are about losing control, that's when I blush and that's what makes it scary?

    What can I do with that?