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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for sitting with this for awhile. Usually those sort of beliefs are formed in early childhood.

    Having such beliefs does not mean you had a bad childhood, or that your parents did a bad job. Rather, they did things and you interpreted their behaviour and words in a certain way and from a limited worldview. So, if you felt “got at” or “shouted at”, beliefs may have been formed and blushing would be an offshoot of certain beliefs and emotions.

    There are numerous ways to get a resolution here, but neutralising the emotions in the first instance is likely to produce the most noticeable effect initially. Other modalities suggest that eliminating the beliefs first will ensure that the emotions disappear on their own. I personally recommend Tim's approach, which is to go for the emotions first.

    However, you know the sort of experiences you had and did not have, so working on the emotions  you identified at the start of the thread systematically would be a great starting point.

    Then, when you have neutralised those (along with the unwanted emotions from experiences you remember from your early teens), use PSTEC Negative on the beliefs you identified…and subsequently identify. Then, once these beliefs are eliminated using Tim's precise instructions, use PSTEC Positive to install empowering beliefs.

    That leaves you with plenty to do, but the whole “house of cards” can come tumbling down remarkably quickly.

    Here's something else that might be worth pondering: How do you KNOW blushing is a problem?

    With this in mind, see what comes up and it might be worth writing down your response to that.

    Again, if you need any clarification, please let me know.


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