Reply To: Gameplan to work on blushing issue


    I'm still on this, but not making much progress with beliefs. I have hit this wall before in other personal development work not related to blushing. Eventually I always end up feeling like I am not in the same species as other people. I hear people describe this rich inner word of sensations and feelings, approval and rejection, connection and love and what not. For me it's blank. My memories are nothing but a series of events. My emotions are more like thoughts, not sensations. 

    I am fine with all that, but as to the question “How do you KNOW blushing is a problem?” I recognize that it is not a problem, my interpretation of blushing is the problem, but after that I hit the wall. I can't describe my interpretation more than that it makes me feel bad, and as we figured out in a previous post, I think people who blush are weak.

    The progress I had on clicktracking blushing scenarios and memories works like a decoy, it is like tricking a dog by making a throwing motion with your hand. It captures the dogs attention. I've experienced the same thing a few times when I was close to blushing, it felt as if my sub was diverted for a few seconds, shifting attention from inwards to somewhere else, but the effect is very faint. Still, it's something.

    Therefore I think I will give up the belief-route and just keep brute force clicking memories of blushing and imagined scenarios.