Reply To: Gameplan to work on blushing issue


    Hi Paul

    Regarding clicking the emotions. I get the SUD's down without much problem but SUD's are not real life. When I am in a real life trigger situaton my subconscious doesn't give a f*** about how low I got my SUD's this morning. To me, scoring SUD's is pointless unless you're a therapist.

    Still I HAVE seen results and that is why I'm still here. If the trigger situation comes up within a couple hours of a morning clicking session there is a noticeable difference, and I do not blush as easily. It is fading throughout the day though, which is why I think I would need to mass attack it to produce any lasting change.

    Regrding emotions. I can't recall being supressed like that, but I have held those views for as long as I can remember. I can't stand self-pity and I judge people left and right in my head all the time. Have you had a look around some of the forums online where blushing is being discussed? They are beyond help, they don't want to be helped, all they want is to be victims and stay suffering so they can keep feeling sorry for themselves.

    Bottom line: Self-pity is a very bad thing, and suppressing it is a healthy thing to do!

    If you're familiar with MBTI I identify as INTJ. Reading some discussions from other INTJ is the closest thing I've gotten to my way of experiencing the world. It is possible I was very sensitive at one point, and then developed in a certain way to deal with that. But I like myself the way I am, I just don't want to be blushing.

    Reading through it this post had an angry tone to it, but that was not my intention, please dont interpret it as such. Thank you Paul again for putting your time into this.