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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Destiny,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, you are absolutely correct with regards to the best use of PSTEC – no setup statements, no need to mentally repeat words or phrases. It works best to use it on memories and imagined events, and one emotion per track. To put it another way, a memory may bring up a mixture of unwanted emotions – TRY to focus on one each time you play the track.

    Also, each Click Track and PSTEC product will have distinct instructions, so it is worthwhile to familiarise yourself with these too.

    I am not sure which products you have, but there are a whole suite of them and some PSTEC products are solely focused on weight loss, fasting and ending food cravings.

    If you do not have these or any of the paid Click Tracks (e.g. Level 1, Click Track 2015), you can still make great progress with the Free system. You already will have an idea of the things you wish to work on, but writing these down can also help you make sure yoi are targeting all the issues you wish to resolve.

    To start with, I would recommend running the Click Track while trying to focus on the desire for certain types of food on which you would normally binge. Rate the feeling, on a scale of 0-10 before you start the track, and then again after playing the Click Track.

    I would recommend continuing to run the Click Tracks, until the feeling goes down to 0 (or as close to it as you can imagine). This may happen very quickly, or you may find you need to play the Click Tracks consecutively, or maybe a few times each day until you have resolved the issues.

    As well as running the Click Tracks on the desire for certain foods, see what other emotions come up when you think of times you have given into cravings. Did any feelings of guilt crop up? If so, attach these to the memories and then run the Click Tracks until you get those down to 0.

    Again, this can be very quick, or it might take a while. Please persevere, as it is worth it.

    Another thing I would highly recommend is using the Click Tracks for “in the moment” issues. If there is anything you are troubled or uncomfortable about now – perhaps it is to do with a person, people or current situation – bring those up and neutralise those emotions too. Basically, you can use PSTEC to neutralise pretty much any unwanted emotion, and the more of these that you “knock out” as you go…the better you will feel.

    I can tell you have made good progress with EFT already, and I think you will be very happy with the changes PSTEC (along with your persistence)  enables you to make.

    Please let me know how you get on.


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