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      I am new to the CT and I found it useful to bring some emotions from past events down. I come from EFT area and I would like to know if I got it right. So, while listing and taping CT, I focus on specific event/memory/feeling/future fear, BUT NOT saying any negative words (in my mind), describing this event? Just imagining it in my mind and that is it? Do I replay the words which are the part of the specific event that somebody said to me and I was hurt by them?

      Also I would like to ask for some suggestions about my particular issue, which I have been struggling with for about 17 years, on and off. Binge eating – sugar/chocolate/cookies etc. I do aware psychology behind it, I have done some work, educated myself around psychology of eating, educated myself around nutrition, done a lot of EFT on past events and I do feel pretty lighter. BUT the problem is that my body doesn't want sugar anymore (in the past I felt like I would explode if I don't eat a lot of something sweet and heavy), my mind doesn't want sugar anymore and my spirit is much more gentle, and kind, and wants to be healthy. But I still binge. It is like a game to me. It is hard to describe. I do sabotage myself. I just don't want to give up this habit (but i really do want), I feel deprived of pleasure if I don't binge. And more I want to quit, more I play my mind to go and buy something to eat. Ahh… And more I emphasize it, bigger it is. Yes, I have clue what areas I should work on, but I would like to ask if somebody could suggest me more strategic approach – with which PSTec track to start and with which to continue for effective results.

      Why I want this habit to be gone:
      – health reasons
      – weight loss (yes, secretly I want to lose weight. I am losing and gaining the same 10 kilos and it is frustrating and I am aware that there is something it needs to be shifted in order to stay at same weight.. I am not overweight and I am not thin..)
      – these binges consume a lot of my time (I sabotage myself)
      – I exclude myself from social events, gatherings, meeting… and hide to my room, where I have peace and enjoy myself for 1 minute (because I don't even like the taste of these chocolates and cookies anymore.. I force myself to eat it. In I am deliberately looking some new sweet that would taste good – and nothing tastes good anymore. But I eat anyway. Because I open the package, and I have a habit to eat it all in one sitting.)
      – while I bother myself how to solve this puzzle, I side track my life. I have this feeling that when I solve this, I will start to live.

      And in the past I would treat myself badly because of this binges, but in the past year I became very kind to myself and my body, I don't beat myself up anymore, it feels like a life game to me, like it serves me but doesn't really serves me. I laugh at my self, from one shoulder, like the little red devil with white wings :)

      English is not my native language, so I hope it will still work on me.

      Thank you for reading this.

      Best regards,


      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Destiny,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        Yes, you are absolutely correct with regards to the best use of PSTEC – no setup statements, no need to mentally repeat words or phrases. It works best to use it on memories and imagined events, and one emotion per track. To put it another way, a memory may bring up a mixture of unwanted emotions – TRY to focus on one each time you play the track.

        Also, each Click Track and PSTEC product will have distinct instructions, so it is worthwhile to familiarise yourself with these too.

        I am not sure which products you have, but there are a whole suite of them and some PSTEC products are solely focused on weight loss, fasting and ending food cravings.

        If you do not have these or any of the paid Click Tracks (e.g. Level 1, Click Track 2015), you can still make great progress with the Free system. You already will have an idea of the things you wish to work on, but writing these down can also help you make sure yoi are targeting all the issues you wish to resolve.

        To start with, I would recommend running the Click Track while trying to focus on the desire for certain types of food on which you would normally binge. Rate the feeling, on a scale of 0-10 before you start the track, and then again after playing the Click Track.

        I would recommend continuing to run the Click Tracks, until the feeling goes down to 0 (or as close to it as you can imagine). This may happen very quickly, or you may find you need to play the Click Tracks consecutively, or maybe a few times each day until you have resolved the issues.

        As well as running the Click Tracks on the desire for certain foods, see what other emotions come up when you think of times you have given into cravings. Did any feelings of guilt crop up? If so, attach these to the memories and then run the Click Tracks until you get those down to 0.

        Again, this can be very quick, or it might take a while. Please persevere, as it is worth it.

        Another thing I would highly recommend is using the Click Tracks for “in the moment” issues. If there is anything you are troubled or uncomfortable about now – perhaps it is to do with a person, people or current situation – bring those up and neutralise those emotions too. Basically, you can use PSTEC to neutralise pretty much any unwanted emotion, and the more of these that you “knock out” as you go…the better you will feel.

        I can tell you have made good progress with EFT already, and I think you will be very happy with the changes PSTEC (along with your persistence)  enables you to make.

        Please let me know how you get on.


        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

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        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi Destiny

          In addition to Pauls comments.

          Re Losing weight. Using a number of kg as a target is easy but numbers are logical, a conscious thing. Really it is not about a number it is about wanting to look and feel good, emotions, a subconscious thing. When you feel the urge to binge, think about being slimmer and having more energy, like being younger and feeling more attractive. These are the positive emotions to counter the negative feelings driving you to binge.

          If when you think about these positive emotions you have a voice inside your head saying “Yes it would be nice but….” or some negative memory or of things people have said to/about you, then these are the things to use PSTEC Click Tracks on. These are the things that stop you “giving up”.

          Re Giving Up. Your subconscious which controls just about everything you do does not like change. By losing weight you are becoming a new person not just the old one which weighs less. Any negative feeling which stops you wanting this change into a new person is a target to Click Track.

          Start with the Free basic Click Tracks (alternate them every play through). Choose a distinct clear memory of something you wish had never happened and try as hard as you can to relive it while the track runs. Be prepared as this can be harder than it sounds but the changes that can happen in such a short space of time can be remarkable and so well worth the effort.

          Write in again after you have got this far. The 0-10 count before and after is important, don't forget to do it.


          PSTEC User

            Hi Paul and Peter,

            thank you so much for your replays and suggestions. For now I only have Free Click Tracks and later I will buy other ones.

            My desire for certain types of food have already went quite down, I don't feel the urge to eat it (most of the time), I don't even know what to eat, to give me “that high”, that it used to gave me. I am walking around the market and want to want something (I want to resolve that feeling). Or I eat something, even though I am not hungry at all. (I do eat healthy quality food every day, so I am not nutrition deficient). Food is my safe place. I hold on to food. And since I started the CT it even got worse. But I am not worried about that because I know it sometimes gets worse before it gets better – and also, I think that is because I am more relaxed about it. I am letting myself more time to clear this. This “food problem” (I know it is not about the food) is keep coming back and it stops me to moving forward in my life with my desires and life I would like to have – I guess this is something to CT. I have some understanding why I do this, I have done some inner work – but I still do it. For many many years. So the negative emotions are still buried somewhere deep down. For now it's seems like I can not reach them.

            Thank you for saying that I have made a progress with EFT, because indeed I have. Now I am in general feeling okay – I think I am some kind of stuck in the middle of being overwhelmed with past and being excited for the future. I will keep CT on memories related to food, and I will try to attach this feelings to other memories (which I have trouble to remember). For so long I have focused on “food problem” that I don't remember the feeling of other challenges – which I had/have few. And suggestion to do the CT on something I wish it had never happened is very helpful.

            I have not done 0-10 count for now, I don't why. I just put CT on and think about certain foods, or that feeling when I am looking something in the market to make me feel good (I should looking somewhere else, but the feeling of guilt for having a good time or pleasure is keeping me back for doing that). Hmm… I got something to think about.

            From now on I will try to do 0-10 count and I will try to be more specific for which feeling I am going with CT.

            I will get back in few days and let you know how is working for me.

            Again, thank you very much.


            PSTEC User


              I have some problems with defining my emotions – I can't tell how am I feeling about something, or I don't know if I am feeling it. Is that weird?
              It is obvious that there is something going on deep down, because these binges got worse. I eat even more sugar and food that I don't desire. I am not hungry, quite opposite, I am so full. I don't crave certain foods. I don't have internal battles at the moment “should I eat it, should I not”. I even ask myself not to buy the sugary foods, but I buy it anyway. Like I am operating on some other level. Don't know how to explain it. I can't not define what it drives me to eat so much sugar . Is this me, fighting the changes? Or I am deliberately torturing myself – to push myself to the edge – how far can I go to stay calm and not freak out.

              I tried to rate my emotions on scale, but I can not for the most of the time. Is it possible that I just think that emotion should be there but they do not exist? 

              So, am I at the point where I am okay with my emotions (the ones I am aware of – but I don't feel pleasure for sure) but I am not okay with my behaviour of abusing the food.

              Any suggestions how to proceed with CT?

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi Destiny

                Don't try to define emotions. Throughout evolution we have had emotions as ape like animals, for millions of years, long before we developed a symbolic language of the sort we use now as “civilised” humans. When did you first start bingeing? Was there anything that happened to you about that time? What did your parents say to you when you were young about eating and or money? You have not said so, but are there any self image, bodyshape problems? Not weight, that is just a number, image is how you feel when looking in a mirror.

                In order to help free your self from this habit you need to imagine yourself in the near future being healthier, happier and free from the habit. If bodyshpe is an issue then imagine yourself looking how you would like to look. This is giving yourself a target, a reason for change. Not just a thing that other people have said you should do, but an emotional good feelings target. This helps remove the fear of change that often goes with trying to change habits. You are not “giving up” this habit leaving a vacuum, you are aiming to be free of it, as something you no longer need, something you can let go of so that you can become this new happier person.  Like passing on an old thing to a charity shop, happy about it, because you now have the space for a new thing.

                Keep calm, keep on Clicking, any habit can be changed.
                Lots more to say yet, but I think I have gone on enough for one post.

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