Reply To: Binge eating and PSTec

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Destiny

    In addition to Pauls comments.

    Re Losing weight. Using a number of kg as a target is easy but numbers are logical, a conscious thing. Really it is not about a number it is about wanting to look and feel good, emotions, a subconscious thing. When you feel the urge to binge, think about being slimmer and having more energy, like being younger and feeling more attractive. These are the positive emotions to counter the negative feelings driving you to binge.

    If when you think about these positive emotions you have a voice inside your head saying “Yes it would be nice but….” or some negative memory or of things people have said to/about you, then these are the things to use PSTEC Click Tracks on. These are the things that stop you “giving up”.

    Re Giving Up. Your subconscious which controls just about everything you do does not like change. By losing weight you are becoming a new person not just the old one which weighs less. Any negative feeling which stops you wanting this change into a new person is a target to Click Track.

    Start with the Free basic Click Tracks (alternate them every play through). Choose a distinct clear memory of something you wish had never happened and try as hard as you can to relive it while the track runs. Be prepared as this can be harder than it sounds but the changes that can happen in such a short space of time can be remarkable and so well worth the effort.

    Write in again after you have got this far. The 0-10 count before and after is important, don't forget to do it.