Reply To: Binge eating and PSTec


    Hi Paul and Peter,

    thank you so much for your replays and suggestions. For now I only have Free Click Tracks and later I will buy other ones.

    My desire for certain types of food have already went quite down, I don't feel the urge to eat it (most of the time), I don't even know what to eat, to give me “that high”, that it used to gave me. I am walking around the market and want to want something (I want to resolve that feeling). Or I eat something, even though I am not hungry at all. (I do eat healthy quality food every day, so I am not nutrition deficient). Food is my safe place. I hold on to food. And since I started the CT it even got worse. But I am not worried about that because I know it sometimes gets worse before it gets better – and also, I think that is because I am more relaxed about it. I am letting myself more time to clear this. This “food problem” (I know it is not about the food) is keep coming back and it stops me to moving forward in my life with my desires and life I would like to have – I guess this is something to CT. I have some understanding why I do this, I have done some inner work – but I still do it. For many many years. So the negative emotions are still buried somewhere deep down. For now it's seems like I can not reach them.

    Thank you for saying that I have made a progress with EFT, because indeed I have. Now I am in general feeling okay – I think I am some kind of stuck in the middle of being overwhelmed with past and being excited for the future. I will keep CT on memories related to food, and I will try to attach this feelings to other memories (which I have trouble to remember). For so long I have focused on “food problem” that I don't remember the feeling of other challenges – which I had/have few. And suggestion to do the CT on something I wish it had never happened is very helpful.

    I have not done 0-10 count for now, I don't why. I just put CT on and think about certain foods, or that feeling when I am looking something in the market to make me feel good (I should looking somewhere else, but the feeling of guilt for having a good time or pleasure is keeping me back for doing that). Hmm… I got something to think about.

    From now on I will try to do 0-10 count and I will try to be more specific for which feeling I am going with CT.

    I will get back in few days and let you know how is working for me.

    Again, thank you very much.