Reply To: Binge eating and PSTec



    I have some problems with defining my emotions – I can't tell how am I feeling about something, or I don't know if I am feeling it. Is that weird?
    It is obvious that there is something going on deep down, because these binges got worse. I eat even more sugar and food that I don't desire. I am not hungry, quite opposite, I am so full. I don't crave certain foods. I don't have internal battles at the moment “should I eat it, should I not”. I even ask myself not to buy the sugary foods, but I buy it anyway. Like I am operating on some other level. Don't know how to explain it. I can't not define what it drives me to eat so much sugar . Is this me, fighting the changes? Or I am deliberately torturing myself – to push myself to the edge – how far can I go to stay calm and not freak out.

    I tried to rate my emotions on scale, but I can not for the most of the time. Is it possible that I just think that emotion should be there but they do not exist? 

    So, am I at the point where I am okay with my emotions (the ones I am aware of – but I don't feel pleasure for sure) but I am not okay with my behaviour of abusing the food.

    Any suggestions how to proceed with CT?