Reply To: Binge eating and PSTec

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Destiny

    Don't try to define emotions. Throughout evolution we have had emotions as ape like animals, for millions of years, long before we developed a symbolic language of the sort we use now as “civilised” humans. When did you first start bingeing? Was there anything that happened to you about that time? What did your parents say to you when you were young about eating and or money? You have not said so, but are there any self image, bodyshape problems? Not weight, that is just a number, image is how you feel when looking in a mirror.

    In order to help free your self from this habit you need to imagine yourself in the near future being healthier, happier and free from the habit. If bodyshpe is an issue then imagine yourself looking how you would like to look. This is giving yourself a target, a reason for change. Not just a thing that other people have said you should do, but an emotional good feelings target. This helps remove the fear of change that often goes with trying to change habits. You are not “giving up” this habit leaving a vacuum, you are aiming to be free of it, as something you no longer need, something you can let go of so that you can become this new happier person.  Like passing on an old thing to a charity shop, happy about it, because you now have the space for a new thing.

    Keep calm, keep on Clicking, any habit can be changed.
    Lots more to say yet, but I think I have gone on enough for one post.