Reply To: How Many Times In One Day

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Jeffolution

    Assuming you are thinking about PSTEC Positive then… Positive is designed fo be far more effective than just repeating affirmations. Also it works better with short, simple statements that are specific rather than generic. If you have not made progress with a few playthroughs with one statement then it is likely that you have some negative emotions blocking or out powering your desired belief. This means that working with The Click Tracks first would get you more sucsess. If when thinking of your chosen positive statement you have an immediate following quiet thought come into the back of your mind along the lines of “That would be nice but….” quite often not enough money, time or some other “excuse” then the emotions causing that thought need to be removed or reduced first.

    While in theory you could work all day at it, I think you would find it very tiring. When running the track you need to feel positive and imagine your statement being true. So although more repeats should build and be more effective they will not be unless you feel that they are working.

    Keep on asking questions.