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    Hi there. I'm sorry to piggy back on this but I can't seem to figure out how to start my own new post. Is the screen different on an iPad vs computer?

    My question is what would be best to use next to work on health issues?

    I have been using the two free click tracks to work through many issues with great success. I feel like I have finally been letting go of items I didn't even realize were so heavy to carry around.
    I learned of click tracks listening to a webinar that said in order to manifest abundance one must start with a clean slate. My list of items to address would grow as I worked through my initial list and as I mentioned, I have had great succcess in clearing out.
    As I approach the last bit of my list I want to move on to attracting abundance… with the emphasis on abundance of health.
    I am working with a functional medicine doctor and using diet, medication, and supplements to try and heal some long standing issues I've had related to my gut, thyroid and bone density. The general theory is that with an unsealed gut, it is effecting other systems.
    I am ready to move beyond the two click tracks but I don't know what is best for working on healing my body.
    I also would like to know what would be good for self love, feeling worthy.

    I had listened to videos that said after the free click tracks, then do level 1. Then the accelerators. Then how to achieve almost anything.
    But then I learned of click track 2015 and some other free ones. It's confusing to me.
    Sincere thanks for your input!