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Paul McCabe
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    Hi LisaS,

    Thanks for your post.

    PSTEC can be and certainly has been used for health and physical issues. Please ensure that you continue to get the assistance of a licensed healthcare professional, however. I must confess that I do not quite know the intricacies of your health conditions, but I truly believe that PSTEC can be an enormous help for emotions, perceptions and behaviour.

    The following is included within the PSTEC terms: “  PSTEC is not advocated for pain control because whilst it may very well work you should always seek medical assistance for such problems.”

    For self-love, I would highly recommend reading through the following thread on this very topic:

    This will also apply to the feeling of being worthy.

    The free Click Tracks are tremendously powerful, and I still use these. There is a preferred sequence, however, and that is to always start with the Click Tracks to work on emotional issues, and then moving on to the other programs you referenced.

    Level 1 with the EEFs and PSTEC Positive gives you more options, and the EEFs are more powerful than the free CTs…but they do not make those redundant in any way.

    Click Tracks 2015 offer even greater variety and, due to their complexity, the opportunity to bundle several problems into the same “session.” They are excellent.

    PSTEC Negative helps you eliminate unwanted beliefs.

    PSTEC offers a large suite of tools, but not everyone will need every track or program, of course.

    While the paid programs are very powerful, if you only have the free tracks, you are not selling yourself short. These can actually be all you ever require to see extraordinary behavioural and emotional changes.

    If you have not had the opportunity to check out some of Tim's free hypnotic tracks and PSTEC tutorials, I expect this will be of great benefit to you:

    If you continue to use these tracks on a regular basis, I expect you will continue to see profoundly positive changes.

    All the best. By the way, if you require any clarification or further assistance, please let me know.


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