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Peter Bunyan

    Hi LisaS

    As Paul and…

    Body and mind are like hardware and software they do not work without each other in a whole integrated system. One affects the other, this means that there is always a “mind” element to all “physical” issues. The accidental cut on your arm may be physical but the pain you feel is in the mind. If you think that you are going to have a long painful healing process, that is probably what you will get. However, the reverse is also true, if you believe that you will recover and heal quickly then this is also more likely to happen. PSTEC was founded on this premise as Tim created it to help his wife through major transplant surgery.

    You can use the Click Tracks to reduce or remove any negative feelings surrounding your body, that it “let you down”, that it “always does this…”, that it is some “weakness” within you, that it is going to “take ages to get better”, and such like “downers”.

    Since you mentioned self-love and worth, then I assume that you have identified within yourself low self-esteem/worth. This shows up in many forms but rather than work on individual issues it might be as well just to be more solution focussed. This means believing not that you maybe “worth it” but that you are “worth it” now. Click Track any feeling that says you are not.

    Functional medicine recognises the mind/gut connection and works to improve gut health through diet, supplements and medication if required. The diet thing can be hard where it feels you are having to “give up” those foods you like. PSTEC can also help here, this by helping you change your thinking from “giving up” to “gaining health” at the same time realising those things you used to eat were damaging and harmful and that you no longer need to feel “hard done by” and can let go of the urge or longing for those things.

    All of the above are really a part of the same thing, that is you are aiming to change your self, become a new healthy, happy you, not just the same old you minus some health issues. You will need to want this and change your belief from thinking it might happen, to it will happen, to it is happening now. You Click Track any feeling that is stopping you achieving this

    As Paul has suggested there are some paid for PSTEC packages you would find helpful on this journey, Level 1 is a good next step and get more as you feel the need for them. You do not need to purchase lots all at once. Level 1 has the Positives as well as the Enhanced Click Tracks also a tutorial that explains more about the levels of mind/conciousness and the difference between beliefs and feelings/emotions.

    If money is an issue then the free PSTEC and Mindfulness you would find useful, but before that, what you should absolutely do next, this moment is download the FREE Wealth of Abundance. This hypnotic track from Tim is about gratitude which is an absolutely critical part of “attraction”. Gratitude fights low self-esteem/worth. Listen to it everyday for the first week and at intervals after that. it will really help. Do this if nothing else!

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