Reply To: Caffeine/Coffee Addiction

Peter Bunyan

    Hi AS44

    Once the caffeine has cleared from your body in say two or three days, then what is left is habit, something purely of the mind.

    As Paul has suggested and…

    You could use Positive with a statement to the effect of “It will be quick and easy to become caffeine free” (note that you are not “giving up” you are becoming free of the desire for coffee). Click Track any feeling that suggests to you otherwise. While running the Positive imagine that you have suceeded and feel good about it.

    Environmental changes can also help. Do not have any coffee in the house, give it away, or at last hide it out of sight in the back of a cupboard. Get others around you to help you in this. Find somewhere else to socialize away from coffee shops. Put a dollar/pound in your old coffee mug for every time you do not have a coffee. See the money build up and aim to treat yourself when you have gone coffee free.