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Peter Bunyan

    Hi testing123

    The quick answer is that you should Click Track all emotions that are not JEEP joy, excitement, enthusiasm and peace. These are positive and represent as a whole happiness anything else is negative. One way to look at it is to Click Track every thing that ever happened to you that you would rather not have. Write out a list, this  could be quite long. Review it and rate them on a 1-10 scale in a similar way to before and after the Click Tracks. Then CT those things which you feel most stongly about first. You can group them in related types and use 2015 to speed up the process. This removes the what to do question by giving you a simple process to follow.

    Yet another way of looking at what to deal with, is to CT any thing which stops you from doing what you want to do and any thing which stops you from being happy. Imagine the future you want to have, the person you want to become, now what is stopping that from happening? Don't know what you want? Imagine the very worst things that could happen to you every possible disaster. Now what is the direct opposite scenario? It is likely to show up what is truely important to you. Write these things down. The act of writing it on paper tends to bring some clarity to the situation.

    There is no self-questioning PSTEC Track as such but the PSTEC Accelerators might do a similar job for you.
    PSTEC Positive could be used with a statement to the effect of ” I know the answer to my questions” in the present

    Re grieving and loss specifically These are only a problem if you have not “got over it”. If they still hang over you and affect you now, then some CTing is required.

    Has this answer helped you? If not, do ask again.