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      After listening to the user interview with Dawn McCaskill where she discusses the separation anxiety she felt when she had to give her horse away, it came to mind all of the past times I lost pets that I cared for and never had a way to release the grief I felt about losing each of them. for instance, as a little girl our family had a cat who became mostly my pet, and who was the source of a lot of comfort for me in a difficult family situation, and eventually losing her was very difficult. Moving forward in my life, I thought of about five additional animals I lost. I first did the wrapper and the long 2015 click track calling to mind the grief I felt at losing these animal friends, and it was surprising how much grief welled up. Afterwards I rested for a while, and I did notice a shift to a new sensation of guilt, where for many of these animals I felt guilt for situations around how I lost them, due to choices I had made about their care, or not being there with them when they died, or not being able to prevent their pain or even their death, so I did the wrapper and a medium length 2015 on this guilt. I fell asleep after this and woke in the morning and immediately noticed a softer but keen sadness for the loss of one of the pets in particular.

      This situation has called to mind two questions really.

      First, is the question as to if I should even go back in to eliminate this remaining sadness at all. I'm wondering if I have cycled down an emotional chain, perhaps eliminating the more harmful and unresolved issues (grief, and guilt) which are perhaps problematic, and am now left with something still “negative” but human and softer and manageable, and maybe this is a feeling I should keep?

      alternately, I am dealing with a few particular health issues and I wonder if going back in and eliminating the layer of sadness too, perhaps with the wrapper and a long 2015, would help me resolve those health issues.

      The health and psychosomatic issues I am trying to heal are 1) resolve and heal allergic attacks I am having 1-2 times a month 2) resolve and heal an early morning sleep disruption pattern/anxiety disorder I am having most early mornings 3) prepare for a healthy “advanced maternal age” pregnancy via an egg donor. My subconscious could be calling this issue of the remaining sadness about these animal friends to mind because it does need to be cleared to heal the other issues too? Animals are so connected to our emotions and especially in my instance this cat I had was my best friend and emotional resource as a young child.

      It is a tough call, and it brings to mind a second question, which is… within the PSTEC family of tools, is there a method for self questioning for times like this when I am wondering what is really best for me, if I do want to “go in” and clear something or not, can I somehow ask a question and get an answer from my sub, or from aspect of myself which would know what is best? Have any of the practitioners found a way to ask and receive informed or inspired answers from the sub?

      In this instance, my question would be, “would clearing the sadness of the loss of my animal friends help me to clear my allergic attacks, my sleep irregularity/anxiety, or help prepare me for a healthy pregnancy?”

      could this question perhaps be processed via PSTEC Positive? If I were to write the question on a flash card?

      Would anyone be able to ask Tim about this? I would really value his thoughts on this, because there are times I think when each of us might like to have a method for self questioning that would be deeper and more reliable than asking experts, perhaps, for times like this.

      thank you so much in advance for your consideration and thoughts in this area.

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi testing123

        The quick answer is that you should Click Track all emotions that are not JEEP joy, excitement, enthusiasm and peace. These are positive and represent as a whole happiness anything else is negative. One way to look at it is to Click Track every thing that ever happened to you that you would rather not have. Write out a list, this  could be quite long. Review it and rate them on a 1-10 scale in a similar way to before and after the Click Tracks. Then CT those things which you feel most stongly about first. You can group them in related types and use 2015 to speed up the process. This removes the what to do question by giving you a simple process to follow.

        Yet another way of looking at what to deal with, is to CT any thing which stops you from doing what you want to do and any thing which stops you from being happy. Imagine the future you want to have, the person you want to become, now what is stopping that from happening? Don't know what you want? Imagine the very worst things that could happen to you every possible disaster. Now what is the direct opposite scenario? It is likely to show up what is truely important to you. Write these things down. The act of writing it on paper tends to bring some clarity to the situation.

        There is no self-questioning PSTEC Track as such but the PSTEC Accelerators might do a similar job for you.
        PSTEC Positive could be used with a statement to the effect of ” I know the answer to my questions” in the present

        Re grieving and loss specifically These are only a problem if you have not “got over it”. If they still hang over you and affect you now, then some CTing is required.

        Has this answer helped you? If not, do ask again.

        PSTEC User

          Yes it seems possible that PSTEC Positive could be used to add/increase the belief that “Now I will think of more inspired answers to my questions” to increase the possibility that I will receive more inspired answers in general. That's a good idea. But I wonder if anyone has ever tried asking a specific question while doing any of the processes (positive or accelerators). Again, this is likely a question for Tim since he understands the mind and hypnosis and what might work to ask a specific and personal question. Or maybe he could devise a new product for this.

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi testing123

            Tim is unlikely to answer as he is so busy working on exisiting projects. I have asked paul and plus1g to join in with their experience with self-questioning.

            My own opinion is that self-questioning is of limited use. Questions are in a logical, reasonable format, produced by your conscious mind. You are though asking for an answer from your subconscious, which does not understand reason or logic only emotions/feelings. If you ask your pet dog (who only feels and does not understand human verbal language) “Would you like to go for walkies?” it is likely to wag it's tail and head for the door. This gives the appearance of understanding but you would probably have got the same response just by saying “walkies”. Your pet has associated the word with (to a dog) the pleasant experience of going for a walk. If you ask yourself the question “How do I become healthy and happy?” at the same time as imagining being healthy and happy then your sub understand that you desire that pleasant outcome and will move heaven and earth to achieve it for you. However all you needed to do was imagine the outcome and do it often, the question in verbal language is not actually required. Imagination is the bridge between conscious and subconscious. While humans have more spohisticated emotions than a dog we evolved as mammals just more apelike than canine.
            If you go for the self-questioning thing then do not always expect an immediate answer, just trust that it will arrive. This might happen in unexpected times and ways.

            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi testing123,

              Further to what Peter has written, I personally believe that asking yourself effective questions is more a function of the conscious than the subconscious mind.

              Consciously analysing/tweaking our inner voice *and* the language we use can be very transformative. If you feel an unwanted emotion and then ask “Why do I always feel like this?”, noting this and then consciously changing the question to “How can I feel as good as I can possibly feel?” is likely to transform your experience, while opening up new possibilities for you. It takes practice and repetition, but the effects can be very profound.

              So, doing this consciously by becoming aware of your language and then changing it to something more empowering is essentially a reframe. I can attest to this being very effective, and it could perhaps be “sped up” by incorporating PSTEC Positive too.

              I know that there was a thread about using “Afformations” but, like Peter, I have only used PSTEC Positive in the suggested way. Yes, self-enquiry can be very effective, but this only makes sense to me as a conscious process. I know that there is positive experience with this, but I would contend (can't KNOW, for sure) that this is because asking effective questions is a cognitive exercise.

              I do not see how, for example, a question like “How can I be a better Public Speaker?” can work as a standalone affirmation, but I can see how the question can create possibilities and guide someone to create better solutions and focused affirmations. In this way, the answers produced could be along the lines of “speak to more groups,” “practice”, work on my self-confidence”, “take a speaking course”, “eliminate my fears” etc. Those answers can then create a roadmap that, if followed and integrated with the CTs, would likely lead to someone becoming a better public speaker.

              I have read lots of different theories about affirmations, including using negative affirmations (e.g. “I no longer feel afraid”) yet I think that Tim's approach has resonated with me the most…and that is because it works on the mind model and it also proposes emotional clearance in the first instance.

              That is not to say you could not experiment. However, I think you will know whether the CTs work without needing to suggest it as an affirmation. Perhaps it might be better to use a suggestion akin to “From now on, I trust my intuition”; the question you proposed was effectively calling out to your intuition.

              If you eliminate the sadness you have experienced to a sufficiently low level, you will know whether the allergic reactions and anxiety disappear. However, I would also suggest working on the anxiety too.

              Please let us know how you get on.


              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                Hi – In personally using nearly every track Tim has published, I can offer my experiences here.

                1.) With respect to your other post about using wrapper with the cascade release. This seems redundant as the cascade release process tags all of the memories associated with a specific feeling for the CR clearing process regardless if you consciously recall them or not.

                2.) I have used the wrapper track with the 2015 tracks and also in conjunction with the free basic and eef tracks. Others have as well. Please refer to this post. http://pstecforum.com/pf/questions-on-pstec-products/how-i-easily-obliterate-thougts-and-feelings/msg3316/#msg3316

                If you have the accelerator package, I would suggest using the “why technique”. http://pstecforum.com/pf/confused-and-not-sure-where-to-start/why-technique/msg3459/#msg3459

                Start by listening to the short relaxing accelerator first thing in the morning, at lunch and at bedtime listen to the long version. Do this for about a week, this should stimulate your mind. I would suggest form there forward to listen to the short relaxing accelerator after every session and the long one every night.

                Once you have done this for a week, then start your session with a tapping accelerator and ask yourself “why” over and over again while you hang onto the feeling just as the instructions in the post describe. I can assure you that all sorts of things will come up that are related. Just go with whatever comes up. It may at times even just be garbage or snapshots/flashes of things that are unintelligible. You may have all sorts of old thoughts and feelings come into play. Once the accelerator is done, then run the wrapper on all of those as well as the ones you may recall. Then start with the 2015 track and after that you may switch to whatever tracks you want.

                Like I said, various “flavors” of the old memories and feelings may come pouring out so just keep tapping until the original feeling goes down. All of these are usually second hand experiences that have reinforced the original. Eventually it will reveal the original source and it seems like it is always something rather silly for me. Once it gets to that original event it usually clears rather quickly because all of the other events are cleared.

                I use the why technique so much now, almost always by default and just let the subconscious show me what it is rather than me guessing. Once you move from track to track you can ask “why” for a minute or two and it will show you even more stuff sometimes. Just keep going till it's GONE! :)

                As far as asking questions – there are two ways to do this. One of them is in the form of an affOrmation http://pstecforum.com/pf/questions-on-pstec-products/using-pstec-positive-with-afformations/msg3453/#msg3453 but this is a specific and much different use than you are referring to.

                The only other way to ask a question is through use of a track in the “Think and Grow Rich” series called “Open Sesame Track” of which I have not tested yet though I plan to soon. Perhaps one of the other guys can elaborate on that.

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