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Peter Bunyan

    Hi testing123

    Tim is unlikely to answer as he is so busy working on exisiting projects. I have asked paul and plus1g to join in with their experience with self-questioning.

    My own opinion is that self-questioning is of limited use. Questions are in a logical, reasonable format, produced by your conscious mind. You are though asking for an answer from your subconscious, which does not understand reason or logic only emotions/feelings. If you ask your pet dog (who only feels and does not understand human verbal language) “Would you like to go for walkies?” it is likely to wag it's tail and head for the door. This gives the appearance of understanding but you would probably have got the same response just by saying “walkies”. Your pet has associated the word with (to a dog) the pleasant experience of going for a walk. If you ask yourself the question “How do I become healthy and happy?” at the same time as imagining being healthy and happy then your sub understand that you desire that pleasant outcome and will move heaven and earth to achieve it for you. However all you needed to do was imagine the outcome and do it often, the question in verbal language is not actually required. Imagination is the bridge between conscious and subconscious. While humans have more spohisticated emotions than a dog we evolved as mammals just more apelike than canine.
    If you go for the self-questioning thing then do not always expect an immediate answer, just trust that it will arrive. This might happen in unexpected times and ways.