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Paul McCabe
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    Hi testing123,

    Further to what Peter has written, I personally believe that asking yourself effective questions is more a function of the conscious than the subconscious mind.

    Consciously analysing/tweaking our inner voice *and* the language we use can be very transformative. If you feel an unwanted emotion and then ask “Why do I always feel like this?”, noting this and then consciously changing the question to “How can I feel as good as I can possibly feel?” is likely to transform your experience, while opening up new possibilities for you. It takes practice and repetition, but the effects can be very profound.

    So, doing this consciously by becoming aware of your language and then changing it to something more empowering is essentially a reframe. I can attest to this being very effective, and it could perhaps be “sped up” by incorporating PSTEC Positive too.

    I know that there was a thread about using “Afformations” but, like Peter, I have only used PSTEC Positive in the suggested way. Yes, self-enquiry can be very effective, but this only makes sense to me as a conscious process. I know that there is positive experience with this, but I would contend (can't KNOW, for sure) that this is because asking effective questions is a cognitive exercise.

    I do not see how, for example, a question like “How can I be a better Public Speaker?” can work as a standalone affirmation, but I can see how the question can create possibilities and guide someone to create better solutions and focused affirmations. In this way, the answers produced could be along the lines of “speak to more groups,” “practice”, work on my self-confidence”, “take a speaking course”, “eliminate my fears” etc. Those answers can then create a roadmap that, if followed and integrated with the CTs, would likely lead to someone becoming a better public speaker.

    I have read lots of different theories about affirmations, including using negative affirmations (e.g. “I no longer feel afraid”) yet I think that Tim's approach has resonated with me the most…and that is because it works on the mind model and it also proposes emotional clearance in the first instance.

    That is not to say you could not experiment. However, I think you will know whether the CTs work without needing to suggest it as an affirmation. Perhaps it might be better to use a suggestion akin to “From now on, I trust my intuition”; the question you proposed was effectively calling out to your intuition.

    If you eliminate the sadness you have experienced to a sufficiently low level, you will know whether the allergic reactions and anxiety disappear. However, I would also suggest working on the anxiety too.

    Please let us know how you get on.


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