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Brian Tucker

    Hi – In personally using nearly every track Tim has published, I can offer my experiences here.

    1.) With respect to your other post about using wrapper with the cascade release. This seems redundant as the cascade release process tags all of the memories associated with a specific feeling for the CR clearing process regardless if you consciously recall them or not.

    2.) I have used the wrapper track with the 2015 tracks and also in conjunction with the free basic and eef tracks. Others have as well. Please refer to this post.

    If you have the accelerator package, I would suggest using the “why technique”.

    Start by listening to the short relaxing accelerator first thing in the morning, at lunch and at bedtime listen to the long version. Do this for about a week, this should stimulate your mind. I would suggest form there forward to listen to the short relaxing accelerator after every session and the long one every night.

    Once you have done this for a week, then start your session with a tapping accelerator and ask yourself “why” over and over again while you hang onto the feeling just as the instructions in the post describe. I can assure you that all sorts of things will come up that are related. Just go with whatever comes up. It may at times even just be garbage or snapshots/flashes of things that are unintelligible. You may have all sorts of old thoughts and feelings come into play. Once the accelerator is done, then run the wrapper on all of those as well as the ones you may recall. Then start with the 2015 track and after that you may switch to whatever tracks you want.

    Like I said, various “flavors” of the old memories and feelings may come pouring out so just keep tapping until the original feeling goes down. All of these are usually second hand experiences that have reinforced the original. Eventually it will reveal the original source and it seems like it is always something rather silly for me. Once it gets to that original event it usually clears rather quickly because all of the other events are cleared.

    I use the why technique so much now, almost always by default and just let the subconscious show me what it is rather than me guessing. Once you move from track to track you can ask “why” for a minute or two and it will show you even more stuff sometimes. Just keep going till it's GONE! :)

    As far as asking questions – there are two ways to do this. One of them is in the form of an affOrmation but this is a specific and much different use than you are referring to.

    The only other way to ask a question is through use of a track in the “Think and Grow Rich” series called “Open Sesame Track” of which I have not tested yet though I plan to soon. Perhaps one of the other guys can elaborate on that.