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Peter Bunyan

    Hi testing 123

    Yes you are correct CR was released before 2015 and the wrapper track. The CTs and CR work in different ways. You use PSTEC products at your own risk, but this is an advantage in that there is no one to tell you not to do things, and the journey you are on is one of self discovery, an adventure and so perhaps risk. Are the rewards likely to be worth it? Only you can judge.

    CR is best when you can  clearly remember a time before you had problems. In your case from your other post you were upset by the loss of a cat, perhaps more so because of your family situation at the time. The family situation might be the problem not so much the loss of a loved pet. If this was your first experience of death and loss then also perhaps you are also really worried about the potential loss of a baby you are planning for. The Click Tracks also work for future based fearsas well as past memories.

    Your questions are fairly complex, if I have not fully answered them then please ask some more.