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      I'm wondering if it is safe and effective to use the wrapper prior to Cascade Release as a kind of induction to call to mind all the events or groupings around an emotion that we are then trying to again call to mind during Cascade Release to move forward into an unspecified future time. I realize Cascade Release already has the similar language in it to call up these seemingly unrelated but connected events within the track itself, but the wrapper was perhaps made/released after the release of Cascade Release? and I'm wondering if  the two would work together, if the wrapper has really got a fast and effective “line in” on calling to mind and grouping events in a rapid fire manner, that could speed the effectiveness of the Cascade Release process.

      has anyone thought of this or tried it? Has Tim considered it to be possible, safe or effective?

      Thank you in advance for any thoughts you can provide on this topic!

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi testing 123

        Yes you are correct CR was released before 2015 and the wrapper track. The CTs and CR work in different ways. You use PSTEC products at your own risk, but this is an advantage in that there is no one to tell you not to do things, and the journey you are on is one of self discovery, an adventure and so perhaps risk. Are the rewards likely to be worth it? Only you can judge.

        CR is best when you can  clearly remember a time before you had problems. In your case from your other post you were upset by the loss of a cat, perhaps more so because of your family situation at the time. The family situation might be the problem not so much the loss of a loved pet. If this was your first experience of death and loss then also perhaps you are also really worried about the potential loss of a baby you are planning for. The Click Tracks also work for future based fearsas well as past memories.

        Your questions are fairly complex, if I have not fully answered them then please ask some more.

        PSTEC User

          This seems like a very straight forward question for Tim, since he understands hypnotic induction, the mind, and if it could be helpful and safe to use the wrapper before CR.

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi testing123

            The wrapper track re-enforces the minds ability to associate a number of items in a “string”. Sort of making them into oneitem. The Click tracks work best with a narrow focus on one thing and the wrapper works towards this. At present I see no reason why the wrapper should not work with CR, how effective it might be is unknown. As with CR it is likely to work for some but not others. If you find the wrapper helpful with the Click Tracks then it might well work for you with CR as well.

            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi testing123,

              As Peter mentioned, the wrapper track is designed for use with the 2015 Click Tracks. However, while I have not used it with any other PSTEC tracks/tools, I see no reason why you could not experiment with it. Moreover, I cannot see how it would be unsafe. Whether it would be more effective for you remains to be seen, of course.

              As long as you are clear about the instructions for PSTEC (e.g. the individual tracks) and have already made progress with it, some experimentation can prove very beneficial. Experimentation with PSTEC can prove very beneficial, but has some caveats too. I think the main caveat is to be clear on why you wish to experiment in this way, and also be sure that you are neutralising unwanted emotions in the first instance. It is crucial, I feel, to ensure you have already followed the suggested protocols.

              To that end, I would recommend using the tracks in the prescribed way initially. The Accelerator tracks tend to be better suited for aiding recall of problems/memories, while the wrappers help you group them together. So, if you are using CT 2015 and working on an emotion like sadness, the Wrapper will help you group the related memories of sadness together; the Accelerator tracks will have called them to mind in the first place.

              I hope this perspective makes sense.


              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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