Reply To: PSTEC Positive vs. PSTEC Positive Extra Power

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Jeffolution

    What I believe Tim means about not forgetting about PP is that it is absolutly NOT A GOOD THING to get used to listening to just one track. The tracks will work more effectively if you have to really focus on tapping in synch with the tones as well as your chosen statement, just letting Tim's voice “fill in” the background. If you use them a lot then your mind will try to remember the tapping patterns. Key words or sentences will trigger the remembered sequence and it will become easier for you. Do not let it happen! Use all the different tracks you have.

    The above also applies to the Click Tracks.
    Also as well as applying the information in Positive Secrets to create effective statements remember to imagine your statement being true and feeling good about that. Feeling good and being happy or JEEP changes your statement from just being a string of words you would like to be true to a real thing. This because your your subconscious works with emotions and accepts the future as being real as long as you can imagine it.

    As to which package for which purpose, since they are interchangeable use the one you have had most success with first.