Reply To: PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?

Brian Tucker


    There are a few simple questions I have and I haven't heard clear answers in the instructions :

    Tim always encourages using the CTs on memories and imagined situations, but what about present moment triggering situations ?

    For example I am in a situation where I get emotionally triggered, is it useful in that case to isolate myself from the situation and use the CTs on my present feelings ?

    Is it a good strategy to use the CTs everyday to clear out what's been triggering during the day ? Or is it going to be less effective than to explore childhood/past memories ?

    Also the positive aspects : Is hypnosis a good option to use right after the CTs to generate positive feelings/beliefs ?

    Thank you :)

    That is the best time to do it. I was recently going “mad” with a perfection program – feeling overwhelmed while choosing paint colors in my house. I finally sat on the couch in the room thinking about all of that and clicktracked until it was all gone.