Reply To: PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Nakhan

    If you can isolate yourself and use CTs, good! If not then FREE PSTEC and Mindfulness which is a long tutorial gives you the understanding and a range of techniques to counter negative emotions and behaviours almost anywhere and anytime without needing any kit or hardware. This then is ideal for “in the moment” problems. Also there is a specific package for Stress in the Moment which might also be what you need.

    Use CTs for what concerns you most at the time, be that recent or something from your past.
    Organising and writing down list of things to CT and working through one or more everyday is a good strategy. Start with those things which you feel most concerned about. What is triggering you is most likely something related to past memories which are the at the root of the problem. If you know what they are then working with the original causative memories is the most effective way forward as long as you can access them.

    For the positive side: Using PSTEC packages in sequence can be very effective we would suggest starting with CTs then PSTEC Negative, then PSTEC Positive, this could be followed with PSTEC Accelerators. There are also some PSTEC Hypnotic tracks. For example FREE “Wealth of Abundance” and the “Time Machine“. PSTEC Positive works with simple short positive statements and broadly speaking hypnosis better for more complex scenarios. For WofA just relax and listen but Time Machine requires some subject planning in advance, listen to the instructions first.

    Keep on asking questions.