Reply To: PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Nakhan

    But I was really feeling the emotions, focusing on the event. Memories were coming into my mind, and I was also focusing on the worst case scenario.

    Were all of these during one play-through or seperate on differnet play-throughs?
    CTs generally work better with one focus at a time rather than flipping from one to another.

    Since you were concerned with an imminent meeting I would expect to just CT that event going wrong.

    IMO, anxiety is a number of fears that flip-flop or skip through rapidly, faster than you can consciously recognize or identify them, (the subconscious is faster than the conscious). This might explain why the CTs do not always work as well as expected. If you can isolate the individual fears that make up the anxiety and work on them seperately then this might work better for you.

    I might have to ask you some more precise personal questions rather than just throw in some ideas as above. You can use the Private Messaging on this forum if you do not feel able to share the more personal stuff.