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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Nakhan,

    Just to add to what Peter wrote:

    You seem to be making some really great progress and, if you continue to work through this, I believe you will be amazed at the results… as well as some transformations in your perceptions.

    There are different ways of using the CTs: using the various Click Tracks can be very helpful, so that you are not “habituated” to one particular track. Which PSTEC tracks/tutorials do you have?

    If you are feeling impatient, CT the feeling of impatience. That can be a big help, as sometimes impatience can get in the way.

    In general (and this goes back to your original post), I recommend “immersion”, but trust your instincts. You can always take time off, if you feel that is helpful. You will get a feel for this.

    It can be useful to think of your behaviour/emotions as a pattern. There can be different aspects to a pattern and working through it systematically can be very worthwhile. For public speaking fears, some beliefs and conditioning would underlie such a pattern.

    These tend to be a mixture of self-esteem beliefs (“I'm not good enough.”), beliefs about speaking in public itself (“public speaking is scary”) and conditioned responses (e.g. fear associated with people putting attention on you).

    Anxiety about public speaking is the presenting problem, but I would contend that this is just a symptom of the REAL underlying problem.

    So, you could break it down this way:

    – What exactly do you dread/fear?

    – What memories or imagined outcomes come up when you think of the event or events (e.g. speaking in public)?

    – What are your earliest memories of feeling like this?

    – What do you believe about yourself, other people and life in general (when thinking of this pattern)?

    – What are the “worst case scenarios” you are imagining?

    – Do those worst case scenarios have pictures, sounds or feelings attached?

    You can use these questions to direct your focus.

    There are many more questions you could use to access the patterns but, as Peter mentioned, focusing on one aspect at a time might be the very best approach for you. It will also reduce the possibility of overwhelm.

    Once you target this well, you might be amazed how quickly the whole “house of cards” comes tumbling down.


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