Reply To: No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder


    Hi Plus1G.

    AFter so many days into PSTEC and after getting rid of so many emotions, what is your mental state right now? I saw your other post too where you referred to your Fear of confrontation. I am sure you have tried CTs on the fear feelings there too but just wondering why it didn't work there?

    I have tried PSTEC initially very rigorously with some good results but those were all very temporary then I seeked some advice from PSTEC experts which didn't help either. Your journey with PSTEC is very consistent and I feel you are doing something correctly that was giving you hope to use the Cts for almost three months now. I would like to see how you do the click tracks that motivates you to do it again and again. Please share some details about your protocol