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    Thank you all!

    As I released my fear of success I realized I am not afraid of success but failure. I was having this strong belief that I am a failure. I asked myself, 'how do I know I am afraid of failure or I am a failure?, then memories came up. I have failed big time in my life, in business and politics, so I worked on this fear until I felt nothing.

    I then sat for more than 2 hours to put in positive messages about courageousness. My aim is to tip the scales. I view beliefs as drivers like in a computer system. I have this tightness on my chest and see it as a resistance and released on it. It is still there but I know I am going to eliminate it.

    I repeated the belief that I love myself. Every morning I give myself a dose of loving myself and I feel lighter and quieter. I also released on self-hatred and then installed I love myself belief. My mind is peaceful and my trading is improving. I feel the lack of self-esteem is at the centre of all our problems as Peter said in one of his advise to me. My financial goal feels real and it is mine right now!

    This morning I am working on beliefs associated with acceptance. I love the suggestion of saturating my mind with positive suggestions as it has helped me a great deal to tip the scale. Using click tracks is easier now because I have supportive beliefs.

    I then did the “why technique' using the accelerator. My question was, why am I so afraid of money?' In less than 2 minutes the answer was, 'you are afraid of going to hell'. I stopped the track and use the click tracks to release this fear of going to hell. I imagined the biblical story of Lazarus and the rich man and click tracked.  I am not finished yet but at least I have the answer.

    I got the benefit of reducing the number of trades I take per day and still make even more profit. This is great! I can feel I am moving faster since I started saturating my mind with positive suggestions.

    It would have been very nice if we could record our own scripts with PSTEC Positive since it works so powerfully even though its general.

    Again thank you all!