Reply To: Wrapper

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Tomas

    Good question! If I may re-phrase your question to “Can I use the wrapper with the other Click Tracks?”

    The general guidance is to work with simple, single, narrow subjects with the Click Tracks, but they were developed and released before 2015 and the wrapper which were designed to work together. So in fact to use the wrapper with older CTs is an unknown experiment. Please let us know how you get on with it.

    My suggestion here is to use the wrapper before multiple short click tracks or before the long 2015.

    The wrapper requires your multiple negative memories/emotions to have some connection or relationship. If you find that they stick together well after the wrapper then maybe you do not have to use it every time. if they do not run together well after the wrapper then it might be more effective to re-select the memories/emotions you are working with.