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Paul McCabe
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    That's an excellent point, Peter.

    Whenever you try to do anything – whether it be to lose weight, get a certain job or acquire money – to get the approval of others, it will invariably not lead to a sense of ongoing fulfilment. It can be a fruitless pursuit really.

    In our society, I personally believe that people are judged too readily on what they have (materially),  what they do occupationally, rather than who they are spiritually (if you will).

    That also goes for notions of “success.”

    I had this conversation with someone recently. I proposed that, if they were to win a lottery jackpot or windfall, would that suddenly mean they were a “success”? We are talking about an increased amount of paper and more numbers showing on a balance sheet effectively, so I would suggest not.

    So, Rojaque, it might be worth getting clear on why you wish to have more income, what you think it would say about you if it did not happen…and see how that resonates.

    Thanks again,

    Paul  :)

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