Reply To: wealth attraction using PSTEC

Rowan Hasson

    Hi Peter, that makes great sense, as do most of the Mod's comments on here.

    What i do not want in my life is bitterness, confusion, shallow relationships, self destructive people who negatively influence my life, fear, sadness, self doubt, judgemental attitudes, OCD, strong opinions or obsessions.

    what i do want is to be stable, calm, a positive influence in peoples lives, to help people (in my soon to be profession as a hypnotherapist), to be an adept therapist who clearly understands and empathises with clients, to be grounded, to be non judgemental, and to transcend attachments.

    As far as actual money goes, i would like to be able to provide for my now seperated kids, to have a nice home and to be able to afford holidays!