Reply To: wealth attraction using PSTEC

Brian Tucker

    Nearly all if not all of your money programming comes from what you saw as a kid and what your first job was. IT is profound how this is duplicated in you. Sit down and think about any negative feelings you have about money and finances in any capacity.

    Step 1: Make a list of things you don't like about your current money situation of that go wrong.

    Step 2: For each one, use the “why technique” on any and all non jeep feelings that come up when you think about those things listen in step 1. this technique will reveal to you everything you can't see about your subconscious money programs. You will be blown away as to how obvious it is and all right in front of your face. Keep going until those feelings are gone. (mine all went back to my first job as a paper boy and growing up in a family focused on lack)

    When you are done, use pstec positive/positive extra to program in all of the statements – to tell the new story and create the new behavior – of what you would like your new reality to be.

    That is as easy as it gets.