Reply To: Liking or loving oneself.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Rojaque

    Abuse in early life especially where you were made to feel the one at fault, “you made me do it” and “this is our secret” where you  are denied any outlet for your self loathing leads to a growing variety of negative feelings that fuel things like self harm, alcohol and drug dependency and other repeating patterns of self sabotage. How to go about removing the emotions from those early memories depends on the PTSD and the symptoms you experience. Working backwards as Paul suggests is erm one way forward. Also Click Tracking any memory or event that made you feel disempowered like being in hospital or being bullied or subject to overly authoritarian bosses, these should be Click Tracked even though or perhaps because they are not immediatly related to that early abuse might form a safer path to dealing with those early memories. This helps you build your confidence in the PSTEC to “do it's stuff” and at some point in the future to enable you to build the better life you want.