Reply To: Liking or loving oneself.

Rowan Hasson

    Thank you Kindly Gents. This is all very helpful.
    one thing ive found with using pstec and the emotions im trying to erase, is that they do tend to 'hide' away until something really awful happens. My years of not so successful use of the click tracks came at a fairly comfortable time in life, where i was not too worried or anxious about much, and so what i found is i would use the CT's and bingo..there is no emotion to locate and delete.
    i did mention this to tim many years ago. it comes across as a kind of emotional blank where the only time the deepest , most troublesome material is 'available' or 'on show' is during v sad times. This is why in an ironic way, this break up has been helpful in providing source material.

    one thing i would like direct help with is removing attachment to my now ex. Since we split, almost immediately she became distant and stand-off-ish, not handling an amicable and drama free break up in a kind way (imo).
    i am ready to now work on deleting the attachment to her.
    could you advise me on how to go about this please?

    Thank you again, i really appreciate your efforts to assist .