Reply To: Liking or loving oneself.

Rowan Hasson

    Hi Plus1g thank you.
    The issue is, when i think of the words 'letting go' or 'hanging on' or loosing something, it doesn't feel like there is any emotional charge attached as they are just words.
    If i feel insecure ill CT it, if i feel sad i'll CT it, but the thing about logical concepts is that its hard for me to attach an emotion or feeling to them.
    In this respect, i only seem to be able to work with the feelings which come up in the moment.
    This has been an ongoing issue for me over the years, either the lack of emotional content when i goto CT (unless during a period of crisis), or when i think of words or a logical concept, often the necessary emotional charge does not arise on demand.

    How can i focus in on what needs to be done in this respect?

    thank you again