Reply To: Loving using PSTEC with clients but ?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Nik

    PSTEC was designed to be self-user as the best person to solve their own issues is themselves. If they can use the FREE stuff successfully then that is brilliant. The ethos of PSTEC is of minimal reliance on therapists.

    The potential number of clients for PSTEC is almost limitless as nearly everyone can benefit from it, however there will always be a number who for a variety of reasons cannot figure out how to use the PSTEC tools effectively or unwilling to do it for themselves. This is where therapists can step in and help the client along the road to self discovery and improvement. You might also have the benefit of using other therapies like EFT and be able to “mix and match” them in order to appeal to a wider clent base. Let them trial PSTEC for themselves and you can still be available if they need any “hand holding” and advice, there will always be some.