Reply To: Loving using PSTEC with clients but ?

Sally Baker

    I feel my job as a therapist is to help the client do their own detective work so that they can focus on core issues. I see it time and time again that the 'emotional heat' is in the nuance, the pauses and that's where I begin. I've had client's who have worked hard on their own as one great guy I worked with put it 'his own root canal work' and progress was one-hundred fold more effective and life changing when working with me for instance than on his own – and that's even via Skype which I always feel is second best to working with a client in the same room.

    There are lots of people on the forum who spend extensive time working on their own. I'm always surprised they don't just invest in booking a therapist and get clear in a matter of a few sessions of really targeted work. But hey that's just my view.  Regards Sally