Reply To: What disturbing images exactly to focus on during click tracks?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi juntjoo

    Yes, although it may not be as effective. As you run through the Click Track you might well find some associated memories come to the surface. You should keep alternating betweeen the tracks so that you do not get too used to one or the other. The CTs do appear to work better on more specific memories but if you cannot recall them at present then you have to work with what you have. Do ensure you do the 0-10 count of emotional intensity before and after, expect it to reduce a little more each play through.

    Even if you cannot recall any specific incident that might be the origin of your emotions you can invent senarios of potential events that are caused by your fears and anxieties and Click Track those inventions. The Click Tracks work for imagined future events as well as from the past. Examples, fear of flying or of public speaking.

    Do you have any other PSTEC packages?