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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Juntjoo,

    Thanks for posting.

    Peter, as ever, nailed it.

    A few other notes…

    You do not need to focus on “disturbing” images, per se. It is possible that focusing on the memory, problem or imagined outcome will bring certain visual images to mind. Equally, you may imagine or remember things in a different way – feelings or words, for example.

    Also, PSTEC CTs will facilitate you in neutralising any UNWANTED emotions. For instance, someone may wish to neutralise the excitement they feel about gambling, as they perceive that gambling is proving problematic in their life. So, excitement is not a “bad” emotion, per se,  but is not helpful to the individual in that particular context.

    Each track will have its own unique instructions.

    The CT 2015 tracks allow you to clear more issues in one sitting, as they let you band the emotion together with lots of different memories.

    Other tracks work best if you work on an issue per time. The key thing is that you follow the instructions for each track and, when you use the Click Tracks, TRY to feel the unwanted emotion while (if possible)  thinking of the memories/imagined outcomes.

    However, there are lots of examples of experimental PSTEC use both on the forum and provided in Jeff Harding's excellent PSTEC Interviews. So, there are plenty of ways to achieve your goals using PSTEC.

    To answer your question with greater specificity, it would be beneficial to know which problem(s) you are addressing and which PSTEC tools you have available. Would you be ok to share that?

    I look forward to learning more.


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