Reply To: New here. Where does one start?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi juntjoo

    You start by working out what it is you really want to achieve. For many this will be to remove their depression, social anxiety, anger, OCD, or fear of heights or whatever it is they believe they suffer from. For others they may want help to become an entrepreneur, pilot or be a doctor or what ever it is they desire to become. PSTEC can help almost everyone do almost anything. The Click Tracks are the starting point as they help remove whatever it is that you feel is stopping you from making whatever it is you want, a reality.

    Once you have an idea of your purpose, write it down, then write out a list of all the things you wish had never happened to you from minor things to any real disasters. Some of these will most likely “resonate” with you as still hurtful or painful in some way. You start by Click Tracking the strongest of these.

    If you can try to re-live the thing that you wish had never happened or as much of it as you can, while running the click track. If it slips away or gets vague just refocus and keep trying to get back to it all the way through the track. This should be difficult as you are trying to synch your tapping with the clicks/tones at the same time and with Tim's voice talking at you. Simple it may be, but hard to do, just try to do your best, and keep trying.

    There are other packages free and paid-for, you may as well start with a free one. They are not cut down or limited in any way. Any more questions? Ask away!