Reply To: PSTEC for anxiety due to death losses


    Hi Peter, thanks for the clear up. I realize plus1 is one of the members here, sorry plus1! I appreciate your candor, Peter. I will be likewise frank. I bought the “No More Anxiety” recommended but found it irrelevant and even juvenile. I appreciate this is Tim’s approach to anxiety but it unlike his other products and am asking for a refund. The other packages I have found useful, not this one. Being grounded in science and skeptical about suggestibility and hypnosis in general, I am probably more critical of Tim’s approach than your general membership.

    Now, to PSTEC in my practice. I have been using the various click tracks, relaxations and accelerators a great deal and finding some interesting responses in me. I did around 80 minutes of various PSTEC yesterday and found much emotional turmoil arising. So the sum of the “encounter” was that I was dealing with even more anxiety at the end of the session than before. I am ok with this, mainly, as I feel the cumulative losses I carry will need some time and effort to be “neutralized”, so am still hopeful.

    Finally, Peter, I invite you to email me:, to open a thoughtful-feelingful exchange with me on PSTEC and helping of self and others in general. Looking forward to knowing you.

    Cheers, Jack in Auckland, NZ