Reply To: PSTEC for anxiety due to death losses

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Jack

    Re “grounded in science” and “sceptical about suggestibility and hypnosis”:

    Tim is likewise a man of science, PSTEC uses many psychological techniques, all well researched,example Pavlov and his dogs, amongst many. However when it comes to matters of “mind” it is working with people and therefore “soft science”. Let's talk about placebo, which might be called implied suggestion. Big pharma companies spend billions of $s developing drugs which in trials have to do better than placebo's, why do they use this as a benchmark if placebo was not a well known well researched phenomenon. (Aside – Many years ago my wife and I worked for the Welcome Foundation).

    If you feel unwell you might go to a doctor who might prescribe you some medication. Your doctor who is probably a respected authority figure in your eyes, (as someone who studied sciences for years in order to become qualified), might say “take these twice a day for a week and the symptons should reduce, if not make another appointment” implying that you will get better. You tend to believe this, why did you go if not? No doctor will guaruntee results but big pharma has tested this product and so it should work? If they were sugar pills the results would most likely be almost as good as long as you did not know about the ingredients of the pills. This sort of thing has been done many, many times. Science or psychology? You tend to believe what a doctor tells you, belief and suggestion??.

    What makes us human? Language gave us the ability to work co-operatively, pass on knowledge and therefore more likely to survive and evolve. Language is the most powerful tool humans possess. If suggestion was not a vital part of the use of language we would not have evolved into “civilised” animals. You have lived long enough to appreciate that people do not like being told what to do or think, unless it is “suggested” that it is somehow beneficial. The whole advertising industry works by showing product benefits that is by suggestion.
    I could ramble on for hours but hopefully you can see what I am saying. Hypnosis is just a powerful way of using suggestion. One of many ways! Tim is a brilliant hypnotherapist he developed PSTEC so people could benefit without having to go to see a therapist, simpler and faster.

    Enough for now!