Reply To: Memory dissapear


Hi sally,

Thanks for responding.
They dont always disapear completely, but they lessen in intensity. Its a little hard to describe, but where as its very intense before i begin the tracks and get ready to start tapping. Then when i start the clicking/tapping track the visual memory becomes very hard to grasp, and the emotions/feelings drop in intensity by a lot. E.g maybe a 9 in intensity before > to a 1 or maybe none at all when i am about to begin tapping to the tones and clicks. I feel as if i really have to hunt down those emotions that were once right in front of me. Does that make sense?

I guess they do feel familiar, i think i have had a lot of similar events happen such as the one i am currently working on. I tried my best today to track back to an original event but this was 10+ years ago and my memory is a little fuzzy back there. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Im unsure wether I am clearing it all out, and finding complete peace with it. Again this only happens on a few occasions.

Thank you for your help.