Reply To: Memory dissapear

Daniel Wynn

    Hi guys,

    I kept on working on it all of last night and today, and i am at peace with it, well almost. I am going to click track it again tonight, and clear out that last bit of it.

    Thanks for the advice peter, i did exactly that. I felt a big shift once i had found some form of resolution with it. Its strange, it was harder to clear but i felt profoundly positive afterwards. It didnt seem like that big a deal compared to other stuff i have worked on, but hey, who am i to argue with feeling a little more positive about myself.

    Do you stick with it thomas, and continue to run the click tracks on it? Would be interesting to hear back. As i was saying before i found a lot of peace after i cleared that out, and flipped it. After sticking with it, the memory started to open up to me. All the smaller details i couldnt even remember started to surface one by one as i knocked them out, if it helps i also ran the click track on “how i would be/feel if i did not have this event bother me anymore” then found peace with that, i think it enabled me to open up to the thought of letting it go.

    Hi plus1g,
    Thanks for your advice.
    What is the why technique?
    I try as hard as i can to feel the feeling, i just kept on going while running the click tracks. Thats strange, there could possibly be that element for me also, as it seems to be when tim begins talking that the memory dissapears. Although it isnt everytime. I was thinking about it today also. Its almost like that moment, when you feel unwell, as soon as you step into the doctors that flu/cold or whatever begins to fade. Almost as if you know that help is on the way? Does that make sense? It could either be that, or my sub is atempting to protect me? Either way it wont stop me finding peace. Thanks for your input, i have read through a lot of your posts, and can see you have come a long way to healing on your journey, so well done

    Dan .