Reply To: My Journey With Think and Grow Rich

Brian Tucker

    Within 5 days of installing my first goal and a few other near term goals I can report that I absolutely have a burning desire to complete these goals. So much so I have not had a burning desire to complete something like this in about 5 years. Not only that but this in combination with the no more anxiety track have shifted me in such a way that I am waking up excited to pursue these new desires whereas 5 days ago I was waking up with negative thoughts.

    I also have loads of ideas for some changes to my business that are just flying in out of nowhere.  I have not felt so excited and passionate about something like this in 30 years.

    I suspect preloading the hypnopersistance and creative thought loop for several months has really set this on immediate fire. I plan to use the open sesame tracks to answer some questions about how I might be able to execute this new information.

    I also had some doubts come into play on these new ideas as well. Normal and of course I will just clicktrack them but it seems no more anxiety has already automatically cleared several of them for me.


    More to come.