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Paul McCabe
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    Thanks again, Brian.

    I am testing out the product now and am, as ever, thoroughly impressed. Simple to use, straightforward and very effective.

    Good tips there, by the way, Brian.

    Beliefs are abstractions about reality. “I am…”, “People are…”, “Life is…”.

    Eliminating beliefs can be highly effective and liberating, as they can feed into behaviours and emotions.  A belief like “Change is difficult” or “I cannot change” might impact people from even attempting to make personal changes.

    If anyone is unsure of what beliefs they may hold, there are several ways to access this.

    1) Consider your pattern of behaviour and thought. Then ask “what would I have to believe to…(be behaving/thinking that way)?”

    2) You could also say any of the common “core” limiting self-concept beliefs (e.g. “I am not good enough”) out loud. If they feel true, uncomfortable etc., then you likely hold such a belief. Even if you rationalise that you would not hold such a belief, it is worth noting that the belief would have made sense at the time it was formed.

    3) As Brian mentioned, say something like “I am 8 feet tall” or “I am a Martian” and you will expect emotional neutrality (unless you happen to be a very tall Martian and…thanks for stopping by!).

    This emotional neutrality and lack of resonance will be the same with beliefs you have eliminated. Once eliminated, there will be no charge at all.

    4) Listen to your language. Beliefs will typically abound. “My boss is horrible”, “She doesn't like me,” “I can't make money.” The stories we tell ourselves and others can help reveal the types of beliefs we hold.

    5) When I am working with clients, I ask them to consider how these beliefs (once identified) would have contributed to certain emotional and behavioural patterns. This is not essential, but I find that it makes things more tangible.

    6) Brian, your “I am overwhelmed” example is an interesting one, as I would have thought that CTing the feelings of overwhelm would have been the best strategy and, indeed, that seemed to be the case. I would position phrases such as “I am overwhelmed”, “I am tired” and “I am stressed” as more emotionally descriptive or consequence beliefs. They do not really seem to function as traditional beliefs, per se. They could be used as descriptions of the emotions –  “I feel overwhelmed.”  You could perhaps find the core belief that creates overwhelm by asking “what would I have to believe about myself or that situation to experience feelings of overwhelm?”


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