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Brian Tucker

    6) Brian, your “I am overwhelmed” example is an interesting one, as I would have thought that CTing the feelings of overwhelm would have been the best strategy and, indeed, that seemed to be the case. I would position phrases such as “I am overwhelmed”, “I am tired” and “I am stressed” as more emotionally descriptive or consequence beliefs. They do not really seem to function as traditional beliefs, per se. They could be used as descriptions of the emotions –  “I feel overwhelmed.”  You could perhaps find the core belief that creates overwhelm by asking “what would I have to believe about myself or that situation to experience feelings of overwhelm?”


    I thought the same myself. I found it interesting that just as Liz said she got some things she wasn't expecting. I did clicktrack those feelings or overwhelm using why technique but never had those specific feelings.

    The other question I had which was not on the instructions perhaps one of you guys can find out – is it ok to use the term “was” or wasn't” as in “I wasn't good enough” or “I was bad” “I was a failure”